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We have three different types of accommodation.

• Meteorologen Ski Lodge
Meteorologen is a small four-star hotel in the legendary mountain resort of Riksgränsen. It is housed in a century-old timber building that has been charming restored. The rooms have individual, cosy décor with a focus on comfort and style, including beds from Hästens. The restaurant and bar each have a pleasant atmosphere with selected drinks and delicious food. Meteorologen’s catchwords are comfort and personal service.
Right next to the larger hotel Riksgränsen we are 150 meters from the ski lift and 30 meters from the helicopter.
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• Hotel room at Hotel Riksgränsen
Hotel Riksgränsen is the large hotel at the Riksgränsen ski resort. 100 meters from the ski lift and 50 meters from our helicopter.
With Swedish standard the hotel rooms, the interior design is selected to provide an exclusive yet cosy feeling. The details are what makes you feel at home. The rooms are bright and comfortable with simplicity, yet giving a fashionable sensation. Majority of the rooms where renovated in 2006.
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• "Skier rooms" at Hotel Riksgränsen
The "Skier rooms" is a smaller hotel room in the Hotel Riksgränsen. Still with WC and shover in the room. Majority of the rooms were renovated in 2009.
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A good day heliski in Sweden. Mars 28 2011. Photo: Andreas Bengtsson

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Ulrika skiing at Voitasriita. Mars 28 2011, Heliski in Sweden. Photo: Andreas Bengtsson

Happy skiers at the top of Voitasriita. Mars 28 2011, Heliski in Sweden. Photo: Andreas Bengtsson

Powder skiing from helicopter in Riksgränsen. Photo: Martin Nykles

Powder skiing on Vassitjokka. Mars 2012. Photo: Andreas Bengtsson