Climbing trip Kalymnos

Kalymnos is the paradise for climbing. With an infinite number of routes in all grades, this trip suits everyone who wants to develop their climbing in a fantastic environment.

The days will be filled with workshops, climbing, lectures, swimming in the sea and exciting experiences. In addition to a mountain guide / climbing instructor the photographer / assistant instructor Emma Svensson also participate in the trip so that you can develop as much as possible during the week and at the same time get your good memories in pictures.

For those who have a driver's license, their own vespa is included to get around the island. For those who do not have it, there is transport by car. It will be an experience beyond the ordinary.

Course objectives
To develop as a climber, regardless of whether you are a beginner with a green card that climbs outside for the first time or if you want to project your first 8a. We will focus on the mental part, climbing technique, fall training and how to best tackle your project. Red card is included for anyone who does not yet have it.

Previous knowledge
You have a green card but you do not need previous experience of climbing outdoors. Your climbing level does not matter, the journey is for everyone who is interested in developing their climbing!

Registration is via the form on the right. 

Content for the trip

• Joint climbing
• Anchor construction
• Climbing technique
• Redpoint / onsight tactics
• Fall training
• Manage fears and mental strength for climbing
• Feedback on your climb
• Personal coaching
• Warm-up / strength exercises
• Climbing in one of the most beautiful places in the world
• Nice pictures from your experience to use freely

Program for the trip

Day 1 
Travel day. You travel to Kos and from there you take the ferry to Kalymnos where we will pick you up. Check-in at accommodation and free activities for the evening. You can arrive at any time during the day.

Day 2 
Welcome meeting in the morning. Then we head off to a crag where we climb together. Today, fall training is on the schedule as well as joint climbing and anchor building. In the evening we have dinner together so everyone gets to know each other a little better.

Day 3 
We start the day with warming up before heading to a new crag for climbing. The idea is that we will take you to the best sectors and cliffs on Kalymnos during the week. Today we focus on mental strength, attitude, awareness and redpoint tactics. In the afternoons we hang out on the beach for a cooling dip after a full day of climbing. In the evening we have dinner at a restaurant, either together or on our own.

Day 4
After breakfast, we look at a number of technique exercises that are good for climbers before we head to a new cliff for technique training. The focus during the day will be on developing your technology, no matter what level you are at.

Day 5
Today we have a calmer day so we get an important recovery for the rest of the week. Climbing for many days in a row can be unusual at first and muscles and skin may need a break. You can use this day to explore the island or maybe get a massage.

Day 6
We continue with the climb on a new cliff and you get feedback on your technique and personal coaching. We talk further about projecting and going through onsight technology. In the evening we do like any other evening and have dinner at a restaurant, either together or on our own.

Day 7
The day is dedicated to your goals with the trip and personal coaching. Maybe there's something special you want to focus on? At the same time, lots of nice pictures are photographed of you daily that you can use freely as you want after the trip.

Day 8
Journey home. We take you to the ferry in the morning which you take to Kos to be able to go back home again.

How do I get there?
Fly to Kos and from there ferry to Kalymnos. We will pick you up at the ferry.

The following is included

• Training and guiding of authorized mountain guides (UIAGM / IFMGA) and climbing instructors for 6 days
• Loan of equipment
• Transport throughout the week with your own vespa (if you have a driver's license) or by car (if you prefer / do not have a driver's license)
• Shared accommodation 7 nights in a house / apartment
• Welcome dinner
• Red card if you do not already have one
• Workshops and technical training in climbing
• Personal coaching of some of Sweden's top coaches in climbing
• Lots of nice climbing
• Fine photos taken by a professional photographer

Not included
• Personal equipment
• Travel to / from Kalymnos
• Food and drinks
• Insurance


During the course you must have an insurance for climbing. The easiest way to do this is to become a member of a climbing club. See for more information.

Be sure to bring all necessary equipment.

Not all students need to bring everything, we talk beforehand so that one person can take ropes and another person racks.

Personal equipment that everyone should have their own:
• Rear brake
• Daisy Chain / 120 mm sling
• Prusik
• 4 lockable carbines
• Sele
• Helmet
• Climbing shoes

Rack and rope, can be divided into 2 participants:

• 12-14 loops with carbines called quick draws
• Rope 60-80 meters

Number of days: 8 days with 6 days climbing

Price: 1790 Euro

(Exchange Rate for Euro vs American Dollar)
(Exchange Rate for Euro vs British Pound)

Please use the form if you have any questions or want us to contact you.