Assistant climbing instructor course

This is an exam course according to the Swedish Climbing Association's standard.
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The course is for those who want to start working with climbing outdoors. You must have experience of climbing on natural belays for at least one year, have taken the foundation and continuation course as well as rescue 1 on a cliff or have equivalent knowledge.
Come along to a fun and educational two-day exam course. Your instructor has at least 10 years of professional climbing experience and will help you on your journey to becoming a climbing instructor.

The course is the first step for those who want to progress to the qualification for rock climbing instructor (SKF / UIAA multi pitch rock climbing instructor)



Standards to know before the course:

Norm SKF Assistant Instructor Course

Norm SKF Climbing leader

Norm SKF Sport climbing course

Norm SKF Basic rock climbing course

Norm SKF Continuation course rock climbing

Norm SKF Rescue Course 1


Documents to read before the course:

SKF Checklist for outdoor climbing

SKF Safety Plan for Outdoor Activity

The SKF Access manual

SFF Outdoor climbing

SKF Authorized instructor

SKF You decide Climbing and Public Rights

SKF Training structure


Course literature
You must have read the following books to acquire the course. The books also provide support for maintaining and expanding the level of knowledge after the course.
* Rock Climbing for Instructors Alun Richardson
* Advanced climbing and rope technique
(recommended by the Swedish Climbing Association for SKF standardized courses such as; continuation course, peer rescue course, aid climbing course and assistant instructor course)
* The Big Book of Climbing
(recommended by the Swedish Climbing Association for SKF standardized courses such as; basic rock climbing course, sport climbing course and advanced rock climbing course)

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