Photos from Avalanche course

What you see is that you get - We don't use stock photos
Our goal for the site to give you a genuine feeling for the holidays you could experience with us. Therefor all the photos on this site have been taken by one of our guides and feature our guides and clients. We don't use stock photos and only photos taken by us at the right location.

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Big avalanche in Chile. Photo: Andreas Bengtsson
A master (Stefan Mårtensson) at work Photo: Carl Lundberg
Slab avalanche, ground release! Photo: Carl Lundberg
The ABS-pack, the latest in Avalanche Safety Equipment. Photo: Carl Lundberg
A master (Mårten Johansson) after work! Photo: Carl Lundberg
 Epicentric powder! Photo: Carl Lundberg
 Photo: Andreas Bengtsson
 Photo: Andreas Bengtsson