Heli-ski 4 days in Riksgränsen, Swedish Lapland

Price list Heliski 4 day package in Riksgränsen, Sweden. 4days incl 4h flight time

Price list 2024

All prices are in SEK and per person based on semi private heli ski. Max 2 groups/ helicopter with 5 skiers/ group.

 Hotel room inMeterologen
 Hotell RiksgränsenSki Lodge 
 Single DoubleSingle Double
10-14 March *49800sek48200sek53000sek51500sek
17-21 Mars *49800sek48200sek53000sek51500sek
24-28 March **51600sek49400sek55700sek53700sek
31 March - 4 April51600sek49400sek55700sek53700sek
7-11 April **51600sek49400sek55700sek53700sek
14-18 April **51600sek49400sek55700sek53700sek
21-25 April ** 51600sek49400sek55700sek53700sek
28 April - 2 Maj **51600sek49400sek55700sek53700sek
5-9 May *49800sek48200sek53000sek51500sek
12-16 May *49800sek48200sek53000sek51500sek
19-23 May *49800sek48200sek53000sek51500sek

*Low season
**High season

1000sek in British pounds 
1000sek in USD 

Additional heli skiing
If the group have a request to add additional heli skiing to your trip that is also arrangeable. The cost for additional time is 6900Sek per person and hour when added to a trip.
One extra flight hour is equal to about 4000 vertical meters or 5-6 runs depending on area.

If weather stops us from flying and you do not spend your flight time included in the packages you booked during your visit, due to weather or other reason, we refund 4000sek/ person and flight hour not spend. 
We do not refund if the runs did not happen because of other reasons, such as broken equipment, illness, late take-off or early landing, caused by the client. 
You will keep the guide service on all the days even if we need to refund some of the heli time and we will do all we can to give you the best possible skiing.

5 or 10 skiers sharing one Helicopter - Private or semi private
Our programs are based on two groups sharing a helicopter, also known as semi private. In each group there are 4 people and one mountain guide who rides with them every day during their stay. For groups that do not want to mix with others, we can arrange private heliski with only one group, contact us for a quote at info@mountainguide.se