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Big avalanche in Chile. Photo: Andreas Bengtsson

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28-09-2020  Alpingaraget, stockholm kl 19
05-10-2020  Alpingaraget, stockholm kl 19
12-10-2020  Alpingaraget, stockholm kl 19
14-10-2020  Skistore, övre husargatan 2, göteborg
19-10-2020  Alpingaraget, stockholm kl 19
21-10-2020  Skistore, övre husargatan 2, göteborg
28-10-2020  Skistore, övre husargatan 2, göteborg
04-11-2020  Skistore, övre husargatan 2, göteborg

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Slab avalanche, ground release! Photo: Carl Lundberg

The ABS-pack, the latest in Avalanche Safety Equipment. Photo: Carl Lundberg

A master (Stefan Mårtensson) at work Photo: Carl Lundberg

A master (Mårten Johansson) after work! Photo: Carl Lundberg