Climbing course at Lofoten, Norway


Lofoten is a climbing paradise with the best possible quality of granite and it's fine cracks.


We can arrange different types of climbing courses depending on your level and experience ... for exemple: basic course, continuation course, multiple ropelengths,rescue course, how to crack climb..


We only have authorized instructors och mountain guides.

Number of days:  3-6 days depending on type of course
Price:  from 4 500 sek p.p for 3 days course with minimum 3 participants.

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The jump on Svolveargeita.            Photo: Daniel Stag

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Oscar on his way to the summit of Svolveargeita.     Photo: Andreas Bengtsson

Svolveargeita, note tha climbers on the right hand side.        Photo: Andreas Bengtsson

Granite formations in Paradiset.         Photo: Andreas Bengtsson

The small fishing village Kallen, Lofoten, Norway.    Photo: Andreas Bengtsson