Rock Climbing Course in Stockholm, Sweden

This is the course for those who start climbing long tours over several rope lengths.


You have climbed a couple of seasons outdoors and indoors, and want to develop further to be able to do more advanced tours on your own.


Now you want to immerse yourself in one or more parts that you feel are missing so that you can achieve your specific goals. The content of the course is governed by exactly what goal you have with climbing. If you want to get away to the mountains or the Alps, the course will be about how to climb long tours quickly but safely.



Course content

• Quick review/knowledge check:

- Build stand and top rope anchor with wedges

- First-person work on sports and wedge-secured joints

- Rock climbing technique

- Climbing with a double rope

- Construction of belay anchor and belay

- Firing over several lengths of rope

- Effective rope management and organization for multi-pitch climbing

- Equipment and packing for long trips

- Rope climbing with prusik

- Problem solving for common problems during long trips


• Deepening in the points that you and your instructor agree on. These can be:

- Easier Aid climbing

- Easier Buddy Rescue

- Speed on long climbing trips

- Big wall climbing

- And so on... You decide together with the instructor


Course objectives

The goal of the course is for you to be able to climb long distances independently and safely as both first and second man.


Who should participate?

You who have climbed for a couple of seasons outdoors and indoors, and want to develop further.


Previous knowledge

You must be able to handle all basic techniques such as stand position, rope team work and more. Your personal skill does not have to be very high when it comes to free climbing, but you can easily climb grade 4 routes as a first person.


Our lead course "trad" is a good preparation.



In order for you to get the most out of this course, we prefer to hold the course in the right environment. During the summer we have our base in Chamonix and here you will find lots of nice long tours that are suitable for this course.


We can also give this course at various cliffs around Sweden. See the list of upcoming course dates to find a cliff near you.


The courses in Stockholm are usually given in Häggsta in Huddinge. Here there are routes up to 60m that can be done in 3 rope lengths, which means that we can practice multi pitch near Stockholm in a good way.


For groups, we can also book courses in Gothenburg, Bohuslän or elsewhere.



Collection before course

We gather in a place that can be reached by public transport.

If you want, you can come directly to the rock with your own car. Your instructor will provide more information about the meeting place when you book.



You probably have your own equipment and then of course you use it because knowing your own equipment is an important part. However, all equipment needed during the course is included if you are missing something.



Student discount and lower price on weekdays

Most often, the courses are given 2 days after each other, eg Saturday-Sunday. But for those of you who can take the course on weekdays, we give a discount and the courses on weekdays cost SEK 3150 per person.

Please use the form if you have any questions or want us to contact you.