Climbing Week in Chamonix


Chamonix is often called the world capital of climbing and alpinism. It is a reputation well deserved. There is a lot of nice climbing in the Chamonix mountains.

Our goal this week is to explore this paradise for climbing. We take it from your level and your mountain guide is not only your coach, instructor and in charge of your security, but also your personal trainer.

Normally we start with rock climbing. We do long tours on rock and get used to both the altitude and the mental exertion.

This type of climbing is challenging in many ways and it is important to take one step at the time and not take on tours that are too advanced or too long.

Program suggestion 

Day 1

We meet in Chamonix at 8 am and go through all the equipment to make sure it fits. We provide you with all climbing equipment needed, if you do not have your own, or complement the equipment you have.

We go up to Col de Montet and from there we hike up to some high rocks on the way to Lac Blanc. This is an excellent spot to make a first acquaintance with climbing in Chamonix as we find up to five rope length long routes.

After climbing we go back down to the valley where we spend our first night.

Day 2

Assembly at 8 am to take the lift up the mountain. We will improve our skills by climbing longer routes. Index which can be reached from Flegere could be a good goal. If you have previous climbing experience we might choose to do Alguille de la Gllère, Papillon Ridge or Aguille de l'M.

Day 3

We are now getting ready for the longer routes. We climb a route of over 10 rope lengths. Maybe one of the big classics Alguille de la Gllère, Papillon Ridge or Aguille de l'M.

Day 4

Today it is time for crampons and ice axe. To quickly gain height we take the lift up to Hellbronner. We are now in a true alpine environment and the view is breathtaking! We climb a nice rock tour from the glacier, for example Pyramid du Tacul or a classical ridge like Aguille de Toule. After a day of climbing we head back to Refugio Torino, a hut on the border between France and Italy where we spend the night.

Day 5

Today it is time for the 4000-meter peak and one of the steepest in the Alps. Dent du Geant (The Giant's Tooth) does live up to its name. A gigantic tooth reaching up to 4013 meters. Mixed alpine climbing up to 3800 meters and then steep rock climbing grade 5.

Day 6 

This is our last day of climbing. We have many options. We can climb Point Adolf Rey, Pyramid du Tacul or Arète des Cosmiques. They are all fine routes leading us back to Aiguille du Midi and the lift down to Chamonix.

Number of days:  6 days
Price:  Approximately 490 euro a day to be shared on 1-2 participants.

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Classic view over the Mt Blanc area in Chamonix.     Photo: Morgan Salén

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Steep climbing in Chamonix.     Photo: Morgan Salén

Steep climbing in Chamonix.     Photo: Morgan Salén

The ridge from the lift on Aiguille du Midi.     Photo: Andreas Bengtsson

Magnus Strand on the last step to the summit of Dent du Geant, 4013m.    Photo: Andreas Bengtsson