Kick-off Klättring i Stockholm

For those of you looking for a new adventure that brings the team together at the company - book a kick-off activity and climb outdoors together in Stockholm!


The climbing is led by skilled instructors and you do not need previous experience.


Afraid of heights? No danger, after this activity you will all together reach new unimagined heights. Being challenged and supporting each other forward to the top is exactly what we will help you with.


You will secure and celebrate each other down. Trusting each other can be challenging for the person standing on the ground with the rope brake and for the person sitting in the harness at the other end of the rope.

Our instructors are responsible for safety and help you with tips on technique.


We promise lots of laughs, exercise in muscles you didn't think you had and maybe a little tear of joy or fear. Just the way a good day should be.


All equipment is included in the package. Climbing helmet, climbing harness and climbing shoes. You just need training clothes or non-sore clothes and book an appointment that suits you.

We recommend that you set aside 3-4 hours so that everyone has time to climb at a leisurely pace and hang out at the cliff.


Transport and dinner

If we want, we can arrange to pick everyone up at the office and drive you to the climb and then drive everyone to the final dinner. Or why not let us set up a barbecue buffet outside and sit in the dark with us


Size of the Group

This activity is best suited for groups of 10-20 people.

But with planning and preparation, it is possible to be larger groups.



Can be carried out outdoors from mid-April to mid-October. Enter the desired date and number of people in the interest form on this page.




Call Andreas on 070 249 47 00 if you have more questions.

Please use the form if you have any questions or want us to contact you.