Heli-ski in Riksgränsen – Daytrips 3/5/7 runs

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start date: 2024-05-19,  Sunday

Choose a group that fit you regarding number of runs, area and number of people in your party.
We have a priority to do the skiing in Riksgränsen first and then go to Kåtotjåkka and Kebnekaise.

We will publish the first 3 letters in you first name and the first letter in your last name so that you can see what group you are in.
Please note that we might need to move you from one group to another.
If you can only ski before or after a specific time please write so in your booking on the next page.

Please note! For day trips Heliski. Everyone who rides in a group must be booked for the same number of runs. We can not drop off skiers in the mountains and continue with just some of you. So if you book in a group where others have already booked, you need to book the same number of runs, or choose another day or another group.